Human Sciences and Cultural Studies

Majors in Department of Human Sciences and Cultural Studies

Studies in Behavioral Sciences

The program nurtures individuals who have a comprehensive understanding of human behavior, based on the behavioral science approach (a combination of psychology, sociology, and information science), and who can properly deal with a variety of issues such as well-being and family problems, as well as the psychological and physical difficulties that their region’s residents face.

Studies in the Science of Sports

The program nurtures individuals to become regional leaders in promoting physical and psychological health and urban development through sport. They gain a comprehensive grasp of essential knowledge in sports and health sciences, with a view toward lifelong learning.

Studies in Modern Culture

The program nurtures individuals who can contribute to solving regional problems culturally, based on a major that encapsulates the generation, development, and transformation of cultural phenomena.

Studies in Intercultural Community Management

The program nurtures individuals who can contribute to regional development by learning about the social mechanisms that negatively affect members of minority groups by gender, nationality, language, and ethnicity. Our students learn how to empower those who are experiencing or have experienced social exclusion, helping them to overcome that obstacle. Minority groups are disadvantaged in various ways, and they should receive external support so that they have the strength to change the circumstances in which they find themselves.

Studies in History

The program nurtures individuals with an international outlook and a comparative perspective who have a broad historical understanding of Japan, Asia, and the West and who, by understanding the historical background of contemporary issues, can play an active role in contemporary society with increasing fluidity and movement across borders.

Studies in Arts and Culture

The program nurtures individuals who can carry out practical education and research into arts and culture with a focus on the formative arts and can contribute to the activation and promotion of culture in a region.

Studies in English Language and its Cultures

The program nurtures individuals who have practical communication skills, can function effectively in global society, and have deepened their understanding of the English-speaking world through the exploration of the language, culture, and literature of English-speaking countries.

Studies in European Languages and Cultures

The program nurtures individuals to drive the globalization of regions in a multi-cultural society by deepening their understanding of neighboring regions and of the languages, cultures, and literature of Europe. We facilitate this understanding through vario us study-abroad and overseas problem-solving training programs, and we cultivate their language communication skills through international exchanges.

Studies in Asian Cultures

The program nurtures individuals who have acquired a deep historical understanding of the Asian region and Japan’s involvement in it, as well as of neighboring regions—with a primary focus on Japan and China—and who have the abilities widely sought by contemporary society, including knowledge of multiple languages and a spirit of multiculturalism.

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