Regional Policy

Majors in Department of Regional Policy

Studies in Law and Policy

The program nurtures individuals who can, as public service providers, analyze and solve a variety of problems from a legal perspective.

Studies in Corporate Law

The program nurtures individuals who can engage in the management and legal affairs of regional companies, as well as preparing our graduates to participate as entrepreneurs promoting regional industry.

Studies in Regional Social Economy

The program nurtures individuals who, by learning theories and policies that are systematically related to regional economic development, can contribute to the sustainable recovery of regions facing the challenges of reconstruction and revitalization following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Studies in Regional Community Liaison

The program nurtures individuals who are capable of performing community management; who recognize the diverse nature of society and can view regional issues, such as urban regeneration and regional revitalization, from the multiple perspectives of corporate management, welfare administration, and environmental coexistence; and who aim to build regions in which people and the environment can coexist.

Studies in Environmental Symbiosis

Aiming at the construction of a sustainable and symbiotic society, the program nurtures individuals who possess practical knowledge and skills related to regional environmental policy and environmental management, and who can contribute toward sustainable regional development.

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